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Greetings! I'm Ishan Velle, a professional Front-end Web Developer and UI/UX designer. My focus is on crafting pleasant and minimalist websites and interfaces. I also have experience in logo design for brands and online businesses.

While my educational background includes a Master's degree in Geology, my passion for technology and self-learning led me to explore diverse areas such as Infosec, OSINT, and DFIR. I enjoy tinkering with my homelab, particularly in the realm of Linux Network Security. This fascination with technology started in 2018 when I discovered GNU/Linux and made a switch from Windows to Linux Mint, eventually settling on Arch with i3 as my preferred setup.

With a commitment to delivering top-notch solutions and user experiences, I combine my technical expertise with creativity to bring impactful projects to life. Let's collaborate and build something exceptional together!

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Freelance web development & designing
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    Product Landing Page: Hathzon

    Tech Stack: NextJS | TailwindCSS | Cloudflare Pages

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    Social Welfare Organization

    Tech Stack: Gatsby | TailwindCSS | Cloudflare Pages

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    Logo Designing

    Inkscape | GIMP

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